NVA Conscious Sedation Course
Welcome to the Conscious sedation course!

It is our goal to make this course as painless as possible, while making it useful and interesting.

While the amount of information that a physician needs to know is very extensive, this program is predicated on the basis that you are a physician in sub specialty level training or beyond, and have good basic knowledge of physical exam skills and patient care.  Basic airway and cardiac resuscitation skills are essential and are taught in BLS and ACLS.  Proficiency in the skills taught in BLS and ACLS should be considered prerequisites to safe conscious sedation practice. 

Please keep in mind that anesthesia is an ever changing field, and the physician is advised to check the current product information with regard to any medication discussed in this program.  It is the responsibility of the treating physician who  uses his experience and knowledge of the patient to determine dosages and the best treatment of the patient.
Good luck and enjoy!

If you have any difficulty with this program, or have any questions about its use, please call 201-894-3238,
                          or e-mail to dagarfunkel@aol.com.
I might as well get started
This course is all in one part.  However, you can quit at any time and return any time.  If you cannot finish it in one sitting, you will need to click through the screens that you have already read.  The quiz  is at the end, is taken while online and must be be completed in one session.
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